BIG刚刚发布了其位于纽卡斯尔的最新办公大楼NO. 1 QUAYSIDE的图片。该项目与当地工作室XsiteArchitecture合作设计,其曲率直接受到泰恩河上的桥梁和倾斜的邻近山丘的启发。

BIG has just released images of No 1 Quayside, its latest office building in Newcastle. Designed in collaboration with local studio Xsite Architecture, the project’s curvature is directly inspired by the bridges over the River Tyne and the sloping neighboring hills.


In progress, the building is bordered by major transportation arteries. Located “just off the Quayside”, near the waterway, between the Tyne and Millennium Bridges, the 12-story project will hold 10,000-square-metres of workspace and rooftop gardens. Imagined as a new landmark for the city, No 1 Quayside “reflects the dynamic quality of its surroundings”.


With a curved mass, emphasizing the road’s arc, the architects generate “a slender 13m ribbon-like office space”. Inspired by the architectonic elements of the site, the nearby bridges, and the surrounding landscape, the development takes on a curved and sinuous design. Resembling the serpentine pavilion, the structure blends in its context, extending the urban fabric of the city.

绿色屋顶露台和私人花园打开了项目的自然背景。事实上,“屋顶作为第五面”向下建造花园露台,“通过西侧边缘的楼梯连接起来,作为火灾出口的辅助手段和一个线性公园”。受房地产经纪人奈特·弗兰克的委托,No.1 Quayside取代了一个旧的建筑,曾经是一家夜总会的住所。

Green roof terraces and private gardens open up the project to its natural context. In fact, “the rooftop acts as a fifth façade” going down to create the garden terraces, “connected by a stair at the western edge serving as a secondary means of fire egress and a linear park”.Commissioned by estate agent Knight Frank, No 1 Quayside replaces an old structure that once housed a nightclub.