The iconic Maritime Center Rotterdam will be located in the middle of the water on the Rijnhaven. The organic building contrasts with the rational, industrial design of the port. It is elegant, versatile and invites you to discover. The triple helix of the international maritime world comes together in this center: the past, present and future. It will be a place for maritime entrepreneurs, science and culture. The center will be accessible to the public and will create a place to stay, on and in the water, with a view of the surrounding port.

The Maritime Center Rotterdam will form a key element of the’Rondje Rijnhaven’ and the jetty path from the Wilhelminaplein towards Katendrecht; creating a walk along the quays of the Rijnhaven and connecting to the planned network of paths along and on the water. Part of the building will be under water. As a result, the building offers an extensive program without becoming too large for the port in terms of size and scale.At low tide, the part of the building submerged underwater also becomes visible, making the tidal difference of 1.5 to 2 meters tangible. In addition to logistics spaces, the underwater world is also suitable for exhibitions, with ideal indirect lighting by means of round skylights that protrude above the water. A multi-layered route that runs under, along, over and through the Maritime Center gives shape to the design and structures the organization of the building. An elegant ribbon winds around the pavilions and stimulates interaction between different program components.

鹿特丹海事中心将成为Rondje Rijnhaven和从Wilhelminaplein到Katendrecht的跳船路线的重要组成部分;在Rijnhaven码头上散步,并连接到规划中的沿水路及沿水路网络。建筑物的一部分将在水下。因此,该建筑物提供了许多功能空间,又不至于在港口空间中变得太大。在退潮时,淹没在水下的建筑物部分也变得可见,使1.5至2米的潮差明显可见。除了后勤空间外,水下世界也适合展览,通过投射在水面上方的圆形天窗可以实现理想的间接照明。在海事中心上,下和穿过海事中心的多层路线可以塑造设计并构造建筑物的组织结构。优雅的缎带缠绕在展馆周围,并激发了不同功能组成部分之间的互动。
In the near future, the Rijnhaven will undergo a thorough transformation. The water will be more frequently used, and the port must allow for a range of activities. New construction will completely change the skyline around the port, but also intensify it programmatically. Central to the developments in the port is the Maritime Center, acting as a pivot for activities and a catalyst for this area.


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