There’s always something calming about trees—seeing them endure all kinds of different weather conditions and being silent witnesses to all events surrounding us puts me in awe. Perhaps that’s why I feel a sense of serene towards Greenary, a family residence established from a farmhouse renovated around a sixty-year-old tree. A collaborative project between two Italian architectural practices led by Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota, the two architects enthusiastically build around the tree with additional layers for a closer connection—a process and act that reflects on the client’s unwavering connection with nature.

Located in Parma, Italy, Greenary (a play on the words ‘green-granary’) is a restoration of a relatively run-down farmhouse commissioned by Francesco Mutti—CEO of Mutti, a leading European producer of tomato-related products. The building site, which sits on the edge of a factory project that is also in development by the architecture duo is anchored by an existing ficus tree (also known as the Alma tree). Standing proudly at ten metres tall, it was an opportunity for the experimental architecture partners to develop a fusion between architecture and natural elements, especially when the tree species itself was well-suited for indoor living conditions.

看到树木总是有一种平静的感觉,让我感到敬畏。也许这就是为什么我对Greenary有一种宁静的感觉,Greenary是一个家庭住宅,它是由一座农舍改建而成的,周围有一棵60年的老树。卡洛·拉蒂(Carlo Ratti)和伊塔洛·罗塔(Italo Rota)两个意大利建筑设计师合作本项目,两位建筑师热情地围绕着这棵树进行设计,并增加了一层,以实现更紧密的联系——这一过程和行为反映了客户与自然的坚定联系。