zymon Keller Applies a Beach-Inspired Sculptural Design Language to a Barcelona Apartment

Commissioned by a foreign couple moving to Spain to refurbish a derelict apartment in a historic 19th century building in Barcelona, Polish-born, Barcelona-based designer Szymon Keller tackled the project as much from an architectural perspective as from a sculptural angle. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean Sea, Keller applied a sculptural design language of organic shapes, natural finishes and sandy hues in order to conjure a nostalgic end-of-summer feeling elicited by the colours of a beach sunset. Furnished with a treasure trove of unique, handcrafted pieces, many of which have been designed by Keller himself, Waves House, as the project is dubbed in reflection of the curved silhouettes that dominate the interiors, epitomizes an artisanal approach to interior design where every beautifully crafted detail is conceived as an integral part of a painterly composition.

受一对移居西班牙的外国夫妇委托,在巴塞罗那的一座19世纪历史建筑中翻新一套废弃公寓。出生于波兰的巴塞罗那设计师西蒙凯勒(Szymon Keller)从建筑角度和雕塑角度设计处理了该项目。 Szymon Keller 以地中海为灵感,运用有机造型、自然饰面和沙质色调的雕塑设计语言,以海滩日落的颜色勾勒出一种怀旧的夏末感觉。Waves House拥有一系列独特的手工制品,其中许多都是由Keller亲自设计的,该项目被称为Waves House,反映了占据室内主导地位的曲线轮廓,体现了室内设计的一种手工方法,其中每一个精美的工艺细节都被视为绘画构图的一个组成部分。