室内设计由莫迪耶夫斯基工作室设计,柔和的色彩和粗糙的表面、拱门和天井、性感的招摇和纯粹的让人想起意大利的夏天。进入 Volare 感觉就像是一个直径走进意大利。20世纪60年代,传统和好玩的图案与柔和的红色、橙色、白色和蓝色色调相结合,将游客带回阿马尔菲海岸。这座地中海标志性建筑的黄金时代,通过陶瓷砖、粉笔石膏、粗糙纹理、条纹图案和棉织物、墙壁凹坑和与意大利大理石混合的木质细节等原始和永恒的元素优雅地重现。它们一起让人联想到白色的沙滩和色彩斑斓的条纹阳伞,以及只有意大利人才能带来的轻松氛围和娱乐。传奇的意大利建筑师似乎是这个项目的幕后主管。他们玩弄图形和建筑的方式在线条、阴影和墙壁裂缝的重复中随处可见。一个简单的背景和厚颜无耻的元素之间的和谐平衡给一个主要的传统背景带来了新鲜感和独特性。

Volare is a new Italian trattoria in Amsterdam West that transforms into a bar called Bomboloni’s on the weekends. Designed by Studio Modijefsky, the interior conjures up memories of Italian summers thanks to its soft colours and rough surfaces, arches and patios and sensual swagger mixed and utter simplicity. Entering Volare feels like stepping straight into Italy, with a twist. Traditional and playful graphics combine with a palette of soft red, orange, white and blue tones to transport visitors back to the Amalfi Coast in the 1960s. The golden age of this Mediterranean icon is elegantly recalled via original and timeless elements like ceramic tiles, chalk plaster, rough textures, striped patterns and cotton fabrics, wall recesses and wooden details mixed with Italian marble. Together they evoke white sandy beaches and colourful striped parasols blended with an easy-going vibe and the entertainment only Italians can bring to the table. Legendary Italian architects seem to be the hidden directors of this project. Their way of playing with graphics and architecture pops up everywhere in the repetition of lines, shadows and wall slits. A harmonious balance between a simple background and cheeky elements gives a touch of freshness and uniqueness to a primarily traditional context.