One of the stars at Rossana Orlandi’s gallery during Milan Design Week 2021 were soft textiles sculptures by young Barcelona-based artist Sergio Roger. In his “Textile Ruins” series, Sergio interprets classical sculptures we’ve come to expect by replacing stone or marble with delicate pieces of antique linen. By means of this material disruption, the artist wants to question our vision of history through archaeology. Sergio’s work is born from his constant search for inspiration in the ancient artistic representations of beauty. He reinterprets iconic elements of art history and breaks away with preconceived ideas by creating unique and elaborated textile sculptures.

Each one of his pieces is unique, created from antique fabric remnants. Sergio personally carefully selects these materials from antique collector stores, choosing fabrics such as old linens and velvets, which carry the passing of time and bring soul to the work. Since graduating Fine Arts from Berlin’s Art Academy (UdK) in 2010 where he studied sculpture and new media art, Sergio has received several important awards including the Generation 09-Caja Madrid Art Award and Scholarships such as the Meisterschülerpreis des Presidenten. His work is included in several collections including the Colección Norte de Arte Contemporáneo, and Fundación Caja Madrid.