Be ready to be wowed by a facility that feels like the world of Ex-Machina and Passengers colliding into one. This is Sonica’s First Landings, headquarters for the international fit-out contractor as well as a start-up base for FDIs based in Dublin, Ireland. Designed by Kingston Lafferty Design (aka KLD) and commissioned by Sonica founder Donnacha Neary, KLD were required to create an office fit-out and first ‘landing point’ for emerging entrepreneurs, but not without three overarching principles that; a—the space must not look like an office, b—feature technology and style that future proofs the workspace, and c—‘oozes the energy and dynamism’ of Sonica’s team and their high regard for quality design.

Totalling approximately 2,800 square metres and stretching over two levels, First Landings’ narrative begins by entering a narrow entrance that curves to the left into a circular function space curated with gradient orange joinery and floating blue disc ornaments. Following the curve of the breakout area sits a classy bar framing a blackhole tunnel to draw visitors in, before surprising them with a plush and velvety deep blue lounge for a dramatic and theatrical flair.

Ascending the orange square tiled staircase opposite the entrance unveils a collection of organised play spaces and workspaces arranged in a manner to erase tropes of a typical open office layout. Centralised at the floor plate are stationed with a boardroom sandwiched by two medium meeting rooms on either side calmly illuminated by Mission to Mars orange. Arranged on the perimeter of the footprint are inbuilt flexible offices and recreational pods that ranges from a podcasting studio, DJ booth, virtual golf to hot-desking lounges.

owards a corner is a café distinguished by a white tiled orange glass-walled space, and in another is also a circular lounge with an added window seating for panoramic views beyond. Another place of rest also includes a Zen-like pod encased by a perforated translucent wall with green planting being the only colour within the white space.

Strong elements of linearity and geometry are layered within the program of the space to offer an endless horizon while circulating around the office area. In addition to the square tiles and fluorescent lighting, KLD encapsulates Sonica’s personality through lava-lamp-like blue and their signature tangerine orange against shades of concrete shell and occasional stone type textures.