Persians – Iranians value nature and make every attempt to spend time in the open air Because Iran is largely a desert however the ideal open spaces is a culturally constructed space- a garden. At the same time Iranians will try to bring the outdoors inside whenever possible.

In our project we used two floor cities to show the connection of people (cities like Yazd and its culture) which can represent the social life and communication between people. We also used the concept of Vertical Garden. People may feel and touch nature with entering this building which there is no future without it. on the other hand, in the central yard we used the concept of Paradise where the majority of people enjoy.

“Deep within our hearts, each of us carries the seed of a secret dream, special and unique to each individual. Sometimes another person can share that dream and help it grow to fulfillment: Other times, the dream remains A solitary pursuit, known only to the seeker. But secret or shared, no matter what it might be, A dream is a potential which should never be discouraged. For Each of us also carries within ourselves A light which can cause the seed to grow and blossom into beautiful reality. That same light I’ve seen shine so clearly in you.”- Edmund O’Neill

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