La Tequila Restaurant

       墨西哥的设计工作室LOA León Orraca Arquitectos设计了当地的一家名为 La Tequila的餐厅。这家餐厅坐落于墨西哥Guadalajara市的一个购物金融区。该项目的目标是实现一家拥有近 3 年历史和根深蒂固的手工产品和工艺文化的企业的美学和建筑特征。在过去的 26 年里,La Tequila 已成为这座城市墨西哥美食的首选目的地,因此,它建立了一种强烈的认同感,我们的任务是保护这种认同感。项目旨在通过采用原始纹理和组件并以新颖的方式应用它们来创建一种更新但熟悉的语言,从而重振这种身份。这类似于餐厅的美食,采用传统的墨西哥食谱并将其转换为现代环境。

The Mexican design studio loa Le ó n orraca Arquitectos designed a local restaurant called La tequila. This restaurant is located in a shopping and Financial District of Guadalajara, Mexico. The goal of the project is to achieve the aesthetic and architectural characteristics of an enterprise with nearly three years of history and deep-rooted handicraft products and craft culture. In the past 26 years, La tequila has become the preferred destination for Mexican food in this city. Therefore, it has established a strong sense of identity, and our task is to protect this sense of identity. The project aims to revive this identity by taking original textures and components and applying them in novel ways to create an updated but familiar language. This is similar to the food in the restaurant, adopting traditional Mexican recipes and transforming them into a modern environment.

该程序相当简单。后台区域,包括厨房、产品接待、员工浴室和办公室,分布在两个层次上,约占总容积的 40%。与此同时,占据餐厅剩余 60% 空间的房屋前部被划分为 3 个不同的区域:一个内部大厅,非常适合家庭聚会,面向厨房的开放部分,靠近浴室和儿童俱乐部; 酒吧正前方的大型半户外区域可提供不同的座位配置,可欣赏到邻近商业区的美景;相邻的露台可以用一系列纺织窗帘围起来,作为私人用餐区。

The program is quite simple. The backstage area, including kitchen, product reception, staff bathroom and office, is distributed at two levels, accounting for about 40% of the total volume. At the same time, the front of the house, which occupies the remaining 60% of the restaurant space, is divided into three different areas: an internal hall, which is very suitable for family gatherings, an open part facing the kitchen, close to the bathroom and children’s Club;   The large semi outdoor area in front of the bar can provide different seat configurations and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the adjacent business district; Adjacent terraces can be enclosed by a series of textile curtains as a private dining area.




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