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       位于英国伦敦一栋办公大楼内部,由当地的设计工作室Universal design Studio设计。British Land 是英国最大的房地产开发和投资公司之一。但是对于位于利物浦街 100 号的总部的翻新和扩建,他们想要抵消企业大堂有时没有灵魂的品质,并创造一个令人惊讶、有抱负、社交和时尚的空间。

我们被任命为 Hopkins Architects Partnership 的室内设计分顾问,并着手为建筑物的主入口大堂、电梯大堂和辅助设施制定设计策略,以响应该场地的历史,该场地以前是宽街车站。我们以柔和弯曲的线性“轨道”的形式绘制了主要的循环路线,嵌入混凝土地板中,并牢记整个车站大厅的非正式性。

British Land is one of the largest property development and investment companies in the United Kingdom. But for the refurbishment and extension of its headquarters at 100 Liverpool Street, they wanted to counteract the sometimes-soulless quality of corporate lobbies and create a space that is surprising, aspirational, sociable and stylish.

We were appointed as Interior Design sub-consultants to Hopkins Architects Partnership and set about creating a design strategy for the building’s main entrance lobbies, lift lobbies and ancillary facilities that responds to the history of the site, which was previously Broad Street Station. We mapped out the main circulatory routes in the form of softly curving linear ‘tracks’, embedded into the concrete flooring, and kept in mind the informality of a station concourse throughout.

通过对建筑物的流动形式和弯曲的围护结构做出回应,我们能够将不同的功能、空间质量、体验和材料编织在一起,引入充当信标(或功能“站”)的柔软几何形式。其中包括位于地面的浓缩咖啡吧以及位于二楼的玻璃火山石主接待台和咖啡吧。坚固的橡木形式鼓励人们在地面和二楼大堂的各个点站立和会面。其他补充材料包括端粒木地板和中央长椅座位区的水磨石,以及重复穿孔金属翅片的天花板,它们沐浴在来自上方光源的温暖光芒中。对于北大厅入口,进入大楼最繁忙的路线,我们请来了艺术家 Lubna Chowdhary,


By responding to the building’s fluid form and curved envelope, we have been able to weave together different functions, qualities of space, experience and materials, introducing soft, geometric forms that act as beacons (or functional ‘stations’). These include an espresso bar at ground level and the main reception desk and café bar on the second floor in glazed volcano stone. Solid oak forms encourage people to stand and meet in various points throughout the ground and second floor lobbies. Other complementary materials include end-grain wood flooring and terrazzo to the central banquette seating zone, and a ceiling of repeated perforated metal fins, which are bathed in a warm glow from light sources above. For the north lobby entrance, the busiest route into the building, we brought in artist Lubna Chowdhary, previously artist in residence at the Victoria and Albert Museum, to create a colourful, ceramic-based artwork that explores the qualities of abstract views from a moving train window.

Overall, the breadth of design elements and social interactions they help to facilitate contribute to a paradigm shift away from the archetypal corporate lobby experience, with a crafted, contextual approach that has a strong focus on placemaking, and helps to foster a spirit of community throughout.




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