The East Seoul Bus Terminal Project is TOD (Transit Oriented Development) to modernize deteriorated bus terminal facilities to mixed use development including retail mall and serviced apartments. It is envisaging itself as a platform connecting people to people and city to city, as a major transportation hub in northeastern region of Seoul and as an upscale complex facility featuring shopping, leisure, tour and living district. The terminal shall be a showcase for innovative and functional design to address key design issues of Regional transportation hub and gateway to Seoul, Underground bus terminal embracing nature, Multi-functional retail hub, Urban integration within a TOD district and Sustainable life style.
东首尔巴士总站是TOD项目,旨在将退化的巴士总站设施现代化,以实现包括购物中心和服务式公寓在内的混合用途开发。 它正构想成一个将人与人,城市与城市联系起来的平台,汉城东北地区的主要交通枢纽以及具有购物,休闲,旅游和生活区的高档综合设施。 该航站楼将作为创新和功能设计的展示平台,以解决区域交通枢纽和通往首尔的门户,拥抱自然的地下巴士航站楼,多功能零售枢纽,TOD地区内的城市融合和可持续生活方式等关键设计问题。