Following an international architecture competition, Snøhetta together with local partner Tomoon Architects and Engineers have won the bid to design the new city hall in Cheongju, South Korea.
The new building forms an open frame around the former city hall building, which will now serve as the entrance portal to the new development. Through strategic spatial planning, ample public spaces and amenities are designed to be accessible for all, with flexibility to allow for the vibrant city to gather for daily activities and during special occasions.
新建筑形成了围绕前市政厅建筑的开放框架,该建筑现在将用作新建筑的入口。 通过战略性空间规划,设计了适合所有人使用的充足公共空间和设施,并具有灵活度,可以让这座充满活力的城市聚集起来进行日常活动和特殊活动场合。
Through its open and inclusive design, the Cheongju New City Hall will integrate seamlessly with the urban context and promote ownership for the citizens and visitors of Cheongju. While providing a platform for effective governmental administration, the Cheongju New City Hall will serve as a symbol of integration and accommodate for collaboration and social interaction.
The building’s roof and façade are formed by gently folded curves, refencing the shape of traditional Korean roofs. A combination of translucent and opaque panels gives the structure scale and rhythm.
The Cheongju New City Hall is due for completion in 2025.
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