Marsk Tower

马尔斯克塔是一座25米高的螺旋形观景塔,位于斯克里布附近Hjemsted Oldtidspark的荒原上。当地的一个共同目标是创造一个让游客体验当地自然的区域——马尔斯克营地。马尔斯克塔看起来几乎像一座雕塑,将作为一座观景塔。这座塔的设计灵感来自于人类的DNA链,它有两个不同的楼梯——一个是走上楼的楼梯,另一个是走下楼的楼梯,这两个楼梯都能让游客从各个角度眺望和体验大自然。这座塔将采用科尔顿钢建造,外观简洁,符合周围环境。马尔斯克塔是马尔斯克营地格鲁彭当地合作伙伴关系的一部分。我们的目标是创造一个令人兴奋的体验之地,吸引世界各地的游客来Hjemsted。

Marsk Tower is a 25-meter-high spiral observation tower located on heathlands at Hjemsted Oldtidspark near Skærbæk. A joint local ambition is to create an area that gives visitors an experience of the local nature – Marsk Camp. The Marsk Tower almost looks like a sculpture and will function as an observation tower. The tower is inspired by a human DNA string with two different staircases – one for walking upstairs and one for walking downstairs, both give visitors the ability to look out and experience nature from every angle. The tower will be constructed in Corten steel for a clean and simple look that appeals to the surrounding environment. MARSK Tower is part of a local partnership between Marsk Camp-gruppen. The goal is to create an exciting place of experience that will attract tourists from all over the world to Hjemsted.