bjarke ingels group (BIG)展示了OPPO在中国杭州新研发总部的惊人摩天大楼设计。该建筑被称为“o塔”,将为中国最大的智能手机公司提供广泛的项目,以及供公众享受的大型庭院和郁郁葱葱的滨水景观。


bjarke ingels group (BIG) reveals its striking skyscraper design for OPPO’s new R&D headquarters in hangzhou, china. dubbed ‘O-tower’, the building will house an extensive program for china’s largest smartphone company, as well as a large courtyard and lush waterfront landscape for the public to enjoy. articulated by a looped shape, the skyscraper is designed to reduce energy consumption and to express OPPO’s commitment to endless innovation by connecting ‘ground to sky in a continuous loop of collaboration.’



The award-winning architecture firm reimagined traditional office slabs and optimized the company’s dynamic workspaces by creating a cylindrical courtyard building with compact yet flexible floor plans. To maximize the solar exposure and provide panoramic views of the city, the southern edge of the building was pushed downwards. This unique geometry allowed it to become self-shaded, reducing energy consumption and maximizing natural daylight, which in return, promotes employee well-being and productivity.