Proximity to Seoul and other metropolitan regions and the support of province government to boost innovation through policy measures, Pangyo continues to grow as an incubator of the fourth industrial revolution, an evolution in fields such as information, communications and biotechnology in South Korea.
The project is placed in central commercial zone which currently builds cutting-edge mixed-use centres of IT offices and retail communities that serve neighbouring areas including residential blocks in the Pangyo district and Seoul. Key objective of the project is to create a platform as a ”technological playground” – an “Innovation Valley” district where 13,000 innovative talents and 40 creative businesses gather, supported by high quality infrastructure, and connected via an abundance of public transportation options.
该项目位于中央商业区,该中心目前建立IT办事处和零售社区的综合开发中心,为邻近地区(包括Pangyo区和首尔的住宅区)提供服务。 该项目的主要目标是创建一个平台,作为“技术游乐场”-“创新谷”区,聚集了13,000名创新人才和40个创意企业。它通过高质量的基础设施提供支持,并通过大量的公共交通选择实现连接。
ZHA embed a holistic integration into every aspect of the design. The aim is to create a synergistic environment that leverages innovative design and technology, to create an urban fabric that improves standard of living as well as being highly sustainable. The proposal is designed to be a Launchpad for progressive ideas, fostering a dialogue between office based research, commercial activity and cultural events, in order to create a ‘Circular Causal Relationship’, where an action by a system generates change in its environment and that change is reflected back into the original system in some manner, creating an endless feedback loop, fuelling an ongoing stream of innovation. This relationship is the lynchpin of an Innovation Economy, and vital to the creation of an ‘Innovation Ecosystem’.
ZAHA在设计的各个方面都进行了全面集成。 目的是创造一个利用创新设计和技术的协同环境,来创造一种改善生活水平以及高度可持续性的城市结构。 该提案旨在成为一个先进思想的启动平台,促进基于办公室的研究,商业活动和文化活动之间的对话,以建立“循环因果关系”,其中系统的运行会在其环境中产生变化,并且变化以某种方式反映回原始系统中,从而形成了无穷无尽的反馈回路,而持续不断的推动创新。 这种关系是创新经济的关键,对于创建“创新生态系统”至关重要。
Just like two arms opening into an embrace, the project offers to the city a new urban space organized around a central plaza. An “Innovation Valley” is established, as two staggered volumes containing office program complete the site perimeter and connect with two existing buildings to the south.
This connection allows a seamless flow between the public plaza and the public programme on lower levels of the building and with the semipublic zones on upper floors and allows access to layered arrangement of open air green spaces, in line with the broader strategy of this part of the city, where eco-friendly zones with large green spaces and parks are predominant. In a similar manner, commercial program blends into the public amenities and establishes a dynamic balance between work, social interaction, culture and relaxation in natural setting. Both the existing north/south and east/west urban axes are further enhanced by the proposal, via articulation of the northern gate and distinctive trim to the volumes to the south.
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