At 40 stories, the mixed-use development will become the world’s tallest hybrid wood tower, dramatically reducing the project’s greenhouse gas emissions through carbon sequestration. Beyond timber, the project will be a zero-emissions building; it will not consume fossil fuels, such as natural gas, in operation. Equally important, the project will support community and dramatically improve livability in tall, urban residential buildings. Through creating meaningful connections to our natural environment, it will restore local biodiversity and provide public areas that are vibrant and accessible. By working with a visionary client, we are showing the world that we can—we must—design better buildings to affect real change.
这座40层高的综合开发项目将成为世界上最高的混合木塔,通过固碳技术实现减少该项目的温室气体排放。 除木材外,该项目还将是一座零排放建筑。 它在运行中不会消耗化石燃料,例如天然气。 同样重要的是,该项目将为社区提供支持,并极大地提高高层住宅建筑的宜居性。 通过与我们的自然环境建立有意义的联系,它将恢复当地的生物多样性,并提供充满活力的公共区域。 通过与有远见的客户合作,我们向世界展示了我们能够(我们必须)设计更好的建筑来影响真正的变化。