A Bangkok-based well known architectural firm, Ayutt and Associates design (AAd) proposed an alternative design solution to mitigate the urban-dwelling problematic issue by crafting a INTERLUDE house. INTERLUDE is a house designed not as the main act but for the essential little moments in between. The client’s brief was for a home that can be lived in practically, and on frequent occasions be able to host parties of up to 30 guests. Its primary function is to serve as a liveable home.

位于曼谷的著名建筑设计公司 ayutt and associates design (aad)提出了另一种设计方案,通过精心打造间歇式住宅来缓解城市居住问题。间歇期是一个房子的设计,不是作为主要的行为,而是为重要的小时刻之间。客户的要求是一个可以实际居住的房子,经常可以举办多达30个客人的聚会。它的主要功能是作为一个适合居住的家。