In 2020, UNStudio was invited by the BNA (the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects), alongside four other multidisciplinary teams, to take part in an urban study to investigate new typologies for the development of the outskirts of Amsterdam. The study is part of an initiative by the City of Amsterdam to assure that the capital remains resilient and that, while developing these fringe areas, can also assure the preservation of the surrounding landscape. The study looks at how to strengthen the urban fringes in spatial and social terms.

2020 年,UNStudio 应 BNA(荷兰皇家建筑师学会)邀请,与其他四个多学科团队一起参与一项城市研究,以研究阿姆斯特丹郊区发展的新类型。 该研究是阿姆斯特丹市一项举措的一部分,旨在确保首都保持弹性,并且在开发这些边缘地区的同时,还可以确保保护周围景观。 该研究着眼于如何在空间和社会方面加强城市边缘。

Each team was challenged to design visions for specific locations. UNStudio was assigned the south western edge of Amsterdam, where both the Amsterdamse Bos (forest) and Schiphol Airport are located.

每个团队都面临着为特定地点设计愿景的挑战。 UNStudio 被分配到阿姆斯特丹的西南边缘,阿姆斯特丹博斯(森林)和史基浦机场都位于那里。

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