In UNStudio and Heerim’s design, the 32 tower Eunma masterplan becomes a unique and inspiring residential area. The entire transformation of over a million square meters includes the addition of more than 1,500 apartments to the 4,424 currently on the site. To enable this, the existing 35-storey residential towers will be replaced with 50-storey towers. This will enable the home owners to create state-of-the-art apartments and amenity design and to locate all parking underground, facilitating a new eco landscape throughout the development.
在 UNStudio 和 Heerim 的设计中,32 塔 Eunma 总体规划成为一个独特而鼓舞人心的住宅区。 整个超过一百万平方米的改造包括在现有的 4,424 套公寓基础上增加了 1,500 多套公寓。 为此,现有的 35 层住宅楼将被 50 层楼取代。 这将使业主能够创建最先进的公寓和便利设施设计,并将所有停车场都设在地下,从而在整个开发过程中营造新的生态景观。

The Eunma development follows an urban model that includes maximising daylight and reducing direct views into neighbouring apartments. The model is divided into four circular themed zones and six landscape quadrants that pick up the characteristics of the site boundary. This organisation results in 24 bespoke neighbourhoods that provide a series of enriched experiences and visual attractions. Lively streets are located on two sides of the site boundary, with two main underground connections to nearby metro stations. The site is accessible for the surrounding neighborhood, with sightlines designed from the surrounding streets to the heart of the site. The programme complementing the urban connectors includes retail, food, beverage and leisure and as such strengthens the urban life of the development. Adjacent to this, educational centres and libraries are positioned around the family and community blocks, while sports and recreation facilities are clustered around the ‘professional towers’, designed to house young professionals. Six ‘iconic towers’ at the centre of the site cater to luxury urban living, art, culture and healthy lifestyles. In addition to the site’s educational benefits, great emphasis is placed on creating a uniform south orientated and cross-ventilated tower typology, allowing all residents to enjoy full natural light, ventilation and a healthy living environment. To increase the feeling of safety on the site all car traffic and parking will take place under the landscape, the landscaping will be fully established from the start, entrances are spacious and welcoming and elevators service chiefly two apartments per floor. To strengthen the neighborhood feeling all apartment towers have elevated semi-public spaces which house community-based programmes, such as sky gardens and club areas.

Eunma 开发遵循城市模式,包括最大限度地利用日光并减少对邻近公寓的直接视野。该模型分为四个圆形主题区和六个景观象限,以体现场地边界的特征。该组织产生了 24 个定制社区,提供一系列丰富的体验和视觉吸引力。热闹的街道位于场地边界的两侧,有两个主要的地下连接到附近的地铁站。该场地可供周边社区使用,视线设计从周围的街道到场地的中心。补充城市连接器的计划包括零售、食品、饮料和休闲,因此加强了发展的城市生活。与此相邻的是,教育中心和图书馆位于家庭和社区街区周围,而体育和娱乐设施则聚集在“专业塔楼”周围,旨在容纳年轻的专业人​​士。场地中心的六座“标志性塔楼”迎合了奢华的城市生活、艺术、文化和健康的生活方式。除了场地的教育效益外,还非常重视创建统一的南向和交叉通风塔类型,让所有居民都能享受充分的自然光、通风和健康的生活环境。为了增加现场的安全感,所有汽车通行和停车都将在景观下进行,景观将从一开始就完全建立,入口宽敞而温馨,电梯主要服务于每层两套公寓。为了加强邻里感,所有公寓大楼都设有高架半公共空间,其中包含基于社区的项目,例如空中花园和俱乐部区。

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