UNStudio近日赢得了哥德堡缆车的设计方案竞赛。参赛的竞争者包括BIG, WilkensonEyre,White Arkitekter以及Diller和Scofidio+Renfro等。新的缆车系统将涵盖一条包含4个车站及6座索道塔的路线。该项目预计2021年建成,届时将为哥德堡建市400周年添上光彩的一笔。缆车系统将为整座城市提供快速而高效的空中交通,这也是瑞典自1930年代开通地铁之后首次引进全新的公共交通模式。

UNStudio’s design has been selected as the winning entry in the competition for the Gothenburg cable car. Proposals were also submitted by BIG, WilkensonEyre and White Arkitekter with Diller, Scofidio+Renfro. The new cable car system will comprise one cable car line with four stations and six towers and is one of a number of projects undertaken by the City of Gothenburg to mark its 400th anniversary in 2021. The cable car system, which will provide fast and efficient aerial transport across the city, will be the first new mode of public transportation in Sweden since the subway was introduced in Stockholm in the 1930s.

悬于河流上空的缆车线路将为哥德堡的市民提供新的出行选择,在缩短路程的同时还能有效地减少对环境的影响,届时位于河流北部的地区将直接与南部的旧城区形成连接。Ben van Berkel说:“缆车系统不仅能够满足可持续交通的需要,使不断扩大的城市彼此相连,还能够避开地面交通的拥堵,以最短的路线保证居民和游客出行的便捷性、高效性和可靠性。除了基本的实用功能之外,它还使人们能够以全新的方式来体验城市的风景。” 总长为3公里的缆车线路以南岸历史城区的Järntorget为开端,与公交站和电车枢纽相连,随后跨越河流向城市北部延伸,途经余下的三个站点。

For the people and the City of Gothenburg the cable car will provide an alternative form of public transport by way of aerial shortcuts across the RiverCity. Travel times will be significantly reduced with minimum environmental impact, while an efficient and direct connection will be established between areas north of the river and the old city to the south. Ben van Berkel: “A cable car system can not only provide much needed sustainable transport between otherwise disconnected parts of our growing cities, but by travelling ‘as the crow flies’ and bypassing traffic congestion on the ground, it can ensure extremely fast, reliable and efficient travel for both residents and visitors alike. Although primarily a pragmatic solution, cable cars are also a very congenial way to travel as they enable us to see and experience our cities in a whole new way.”  The 3km long Gothenburg cable car line starts at Järntorget in the historic city on the south bank of the river, where it links to a bus and tram transfer node. It then crosses the river and continues to three further stations in the north of the city.

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