EuropaCity Centre Culturel Dédié au

2017年,随着由BIG主持设计的大巴黎区EuropaCity总体规划项目确立,包含在内的8栋建筑项目也展开了激烈的竞标和角逐。它们中中包括了音乐厅,酒店,当代马戏表演场以及展会大厅。其中来自UNStudio的Centre Culturel Dédié Au 7è Art赢得了该项目的最终设计权。这栋全新的剧院综合体和文化实验中心将见证传统戏剧表演迈向新的纪元。

Following the announcement in 2017 of BIG’s masterplan for EuropaCity – a unique new tourism and leisure district in Greater Paris – a large scale competition was launched inviting proposals for 8 key buildings within the development. These include a concert hall, hotels, a contemporary circus and an exhibition hall. UNStudio’s proposal was selected for the ‘Centre Culturel Dédié Au 7è Art’, a cinema complex and cultural laboratory which opens up and expands the traditional cinema experience.


EuropaCity是一个全新的旅游发展项目,它将连接城市文化,体育,商务,休闲,酒店,餐厅和城市农业,并迎合当地社区打造既本土又国际化的游览中心。EuropaCity项目位于Triangle de Gonesse,是由Grand Paris Aménagement主持的大巴黎地区最受瞩目的公共发展项目。该项目由Immochan France 和 Dalian Wanda Group共同斥资3.1亿欧元打造。建筑多样性是EuropaCity总体规划中的最重要决策。因此,建筑的革新与可持续发展,以及建筑品质,多样性和创造性成为该总体规划的主要原则。

EuropaCity is a tourism development of a completely new genre; a brand new and unique leisure district that will combine culture, sport, commerce, leisure, hotels, restaurants and urban agriculture and will cater to local communities alongside national and international tourists. Located on the Triangle de Gonesse, in a public development operated by Grand Paris Aménagement, EuropaCity is one of the emblematic projects of Greater Paris. This innovative project, with a private investment of 3.1 billion euros, is led by Immochan France and Dalian Wanda Group. Architectural diversity was a key objective of the EuropaCity masterplan. For the architectural competition innovation and sustainable development, along with architectural quality, diversity and creativity formed the main ambitions.

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