UNSense’s Proposal for Health-Themed Urban District Chosen for Further Design Development

We are delighted to announce that the concept proposal from UNStudio and UNSense for a new intergenerational health-themed urban district in Milan has been selected by Unipol for further design development.

我们很高兴地宣布,UNStudio 和 UNSense 提出的米兰新代际健康主题城区的概念提案已被 Unipol 选中进行进一步的设计开发。

The Bruzzano site

Bruzzano is a disctrict located on the northern edge of Milan. UNStudio and Unipol firmly believe the future of the Milanese outskirts is dependent on projects like the development of the site in Bruzzano: that metropolitan integration and connection of Milan to its surroundings is an essential step towards a sustainable and resilient future of the city.

布鲁扎诺是位于米兰北部边缘的一个区。 UNStudio 和 Unipol 坚信米兰郊区的未来取决于布鲁扎诺场地的开发等项目:大都市整合和米兰与其周围环境的联系是迈向可持续和有弹性的城市未来的重要一步。

UNStudio’s proposal for the Bruzzano masterplan competition aimed to define new targets for the city of Milan integrating overarching metropolitan and European strategy. The sustainable environmental strategy could be part of any new city development, thus, carbon neutrality targets, biodiversity, urban climate resilience and life quality are base targets that the design aims to achieve.

UNStudio 为 Bruzzano 总体规划竞赛提出的提案旨在为米兰市定义新的目标,整合总体大都市和欧洲战略。可持续环境战略可以成为任何新城市发展的一部分,因此,碳中和目标、生物多样性、城市气候适应力和生活质量是设计旨在实现的基本目标。

The goal of our proposal was to learn from the existing conditions and turn them into opportunities by forming a new neighbourhood with a strong identity and an enhanced sense of safety and security. UNStudio’s design for the Bruzzano masterplan proposes to form a new community where health, nature and people are at the centre of the urban design. With this, we aim to start a new renaissance of urban life on the outskirts, centred on well-being and healthy living.

我们提案的目标是从现有条件中学习,并通过形成一个具有强烈认同感和增强安全感的新社区,将它们转化为机会。 UNStudio 对布鲁扎诺总体规划的设计建议形成一个新社区,其中健康、自然和人是城市设计的中心。借此,我们的目标是开启郊区城市生活的新复兴,以幸福和健康生活为中心。

To achieve neighbourhood-level inclusivity and accessibility we imagined an ecosystem in which people, nature and technology live in symbiosis. To achieve this the concept follows three important themes:


‘Nurture-Nature’ to create a built environment affecting healthy behavioural decisions and public spaces that foster positive emotions. To establish the strong presence of purposeful green areas that connect different smart green ecosystems with different lifestyles.


‘Inclusive Neighbourhood’: to integrate nature 


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