UNStudio近期完成了由IJbaan基金会发起的阿姆斯特丹IJbaan未来缆车项目。IJbaan(Stichting IJbaan)起源于阿姆斯特丹民间。2015年,Bas Dekker 与 Willem Wessels共同发起了IJbaan缆车众筹活动,随着其影响力的逐渐扩大,该项目最终获得了阿姆斯特丹政府的支持。这一项目的实施旨在为IJ创造全新的交通连接,并以此庆贺2025年阿姆斯特丹750周年诞辰。

UNStudio has completed designs for the IJbaan: Amsterdam’s future cable car, commissioned by the IJbaan Foundation (Stichting IJbaan). The IJbaan is a grassroots “Amsterdammer” citizens’ initiative, snowballing from a crowdfunding campaign led by Bas Dekker and Willem Wessels started in 2015 and now supported by the Municipality of Amsterdam. Its goal is to create a new connection across the IJ by the 750th anniversary of Amsterdam in 2025.

这条长约1.5公里的缆车线路以快捷和环保的方式连接了Amsterdam-West和Amsterdam-Noord两个发展中的居住社区。该项目包括三座细长塔桥和两个缆车站,即位于北岸的NDSM Marina和位于南岸的Minervahaven。缆车的弹性设计使得该缆车线路具备扩建的可能性,并随着未来的发展与Hemknoop, Sloterdijk车站或Westergasfabriek和Westerpark车站建立连接。

The one and a half kilometer cable car line is a clean and quick public transport connection between two growing residential areas: Amsterdam-West and Amsterdam-Noord / NDSM. The design consists of three slender pylons and two stations: NDSM Marina on the North Bank and Minervahaven to the South. The cable car is designed flexibly, so that in the future the route can be expanded to include a third station, creating a connection to the Hemknoop, Sloterdijk Station or even Westergasfabriek and the Westerpark, depending on growth and need.

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