UNStudio设计了一个城市愿景“全球最智慧街区”(The Smartest Neighbourhood in the World),目前已于荷兰赫尔蒙德的Brandevoort区进行开发中。UNStudio的这一城市愿景并非作为预先制定的固定开发计划,而是采用灵活的框架,根据每位用户的需求进行开发。


UNStudio has designed the urban vision for ‘The Smartest Neighbourhood in the World’, which is currently being developed in Helmond’s Brandevoort District in the Netherlands. Rather than as a pre-determined fixed plan, UNStudio’s urban vision describes a flexible grid that is developed per the users’ demand.

The new neighbourhood is planned based on the latest insights and techniques in the areas of ​​circularity, participation of (future) inhabitants, social cohesion and safety, health, data, new transport technologies and independent energy systems. All of these facets will contribute to the creation of a sustainable and unique living environment: Brainport Smart District (BSD).


In July 2018 UNStudio was selected to put together a team in order to translate the ideas for the Brainport Smart District into a spatial plan. The resulting urban vision was created in a collaboration between UNStudio (project lead and urban planning) and Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners,  (ecology and landscape), Metabolic (Circularity and climate adaptation), Habidatum (data analysis) and UNSense (Data and technology strategy).

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