Karle Town Centre is our masterplan design for a new innovation tech campus in the heart of Bangalore’s thriving Tech Hub. Due to the large number of information technology companies based in the city, Bangalore finds itself at the epicenter of rapid growth. Karle Town Centre (KTC), as part of that growth, is a development that aims to define Bangalore locally and inspire the whole of India to ‘lead by example’ when designing future urban destinations. Designed around three defining pillars: Health, Culture and Garden, KTC is currently under construction along the Nagavara Lake, enjoying a direct connection to the city’s ring road and expanding metro lines. Positioned next to the established Manyata Tech Park, KTC is designed to act as a natural magnet for people and activities across Bangalore’s tech scene.

In KTC the landscape and architectural language complement each other, together shaping the urban environment across all scales, from the design of the planter edges, to the architectural features found in the landscape, which merge with the green pockets and roof scapes of the building facades. The interwoven forms, along with the sensitive integration of nature within the architecture, communicates to visitors that KTC is Bangalore’s ‘Garden City of the 21st Century’. The dynamic white volumes across the masterplan, painted in UNStudio and Monopol Color’s unique and patented ‘Coolest White’ ultra-durable paint provide a contemporary identity to KTC.

城市品牌手册 – 应对城市停滞
Urban Branding Manual – Counteracting urban stagnation


Urban stagnation is a global problem that extends beyond the confines of India and is evidenced by a continuous decline in central business districts over the last 20 years. The reoccurring question is, how do we attract talent, families and investment back to the heart of these cities? UNStudio in collaboration with Karle Town Centre have created a solution to these challenging issues in the form of an Urban Branding Manual. The Urban Branding Manual, developed by UNStudio for Karle Town Centre, analyses the detailed components of the design with a quantitative selective process. The Branding Manual explains the design intentions and requirements and is conceived as a tool which can help facilitate the design intentions of the client, engineers, architects, and urban planners so that they collectively understand the principles and motivations behind the previous choices and requirements. This manual serves as a safeguard for the integrity of the design and assures that the urban vision is executed properly over the extended course of its life.

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