Columbia Business School’s new home will span approximately 492,000 square feet across two buildings and will reflect the fast-paced, high-tech and highly social character of business in the 21st century. The two new facilities will create multifunctional spaces that foster a sense of community—spaces where students, faculty, alumni and practitioners can gather to exchange ideas. Between the two buildings will be the largest planned open area in phase 1 of construction—an approximately 40,000-square-foot area known as The Square.

哥伦比亚商学院的新家将跨越两座建筑,占地约 492,000 平方英尺,将反映 21 世纪快节奏、高科技和高度社会化的商业特征。这两个新设施将创建多功能空间,培养社区意识——学生、教师、校友和从业者可以聚集在一起交流思想的空间。两座建筑之间将是第一阶段建设中最大的规划开放区域——大约 40,000 平方英尺的区域,称为广场。

Where these networks meet the landscape at the street-level urban layer, major public spaces are established: in one building, a two-story, urban-scale living room, and in the other, a terraced interior space that doubles as a 300-seat large conference space.

在这些网络与街道级城市层的景观相交的地方,建立了主要的公共空间:其中一栋建筑中,一个两层通高城市规模的客厅。在另一栋建筑中,一个梯田的内部空间可以兼作 300-座位宽敞的会议空间。

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