A destination rooted in nature


You don’t question the design of a tree or the plan of a forest. By shaping the new destination around existing trees, we place nature’s beauty and its legacy at the heart of the new urban destination.


Through the preservation of the ancient trees, the new development will literally be rooted in the history and ecology of the site. This will offer a sense of place and quality of experience far beyond the architecture alone.


We believe this is the key to creating a place where people will love to work, live and play, a destination you would want to visit and return to, again and again.


Building an urban ecology


Vaishnavi Virirdian already serves as a small natural habitat. Plants, small animals and micro-organisms inhabit the site today collecting solar energy, water and recycling nutrients.

Vaishnavi Virirdian 已经成为一个小型的自然栖息地。植物、小动物和微生物今天栖息在该地点,收集太阳能、水和回收营养。

Through the retention of the trees and their soil, this little ecosystem can be preserved and developed along with the new buildings and infrastructure for people and commerce.


We propose a strategy to further develop the ecosystem with careful integration of water cycles and increased biodiversity alongside the construction of spaces for people and commercial programmes.


People centered design


Plants are the “air conditioners” of nature. They filter the air converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and airborne toxins into nutrients.


Trees and plants provide shade and create a microclimate that preserves water and moisture and helps cool their surroundings. Plants and green spaces in all scales are known to reduce stress and increase mental health and wellbeing.


The Vaishnavi Viridian project offers a chance to explore in full the value of green spaces for working, living and recreation.

Vaishnavi Viridian 项目提供了一个机会,可以充分探索绿色空间在工作、生活和娱乐方面的价值。

The Next Iconic Urban Space


With the Hanging Gardens we wish to revisit the concept of a public garden, as an open multifunctional space where multiple users can coexist, meet, work, live and play.


The garden offers an iconic green setting for retail, food and beverages, sports, entertainment as well as for working and living spaces.


A place that is natural, beautiful, healthy, and pleasant to stay in, and a place that you would like to revisit.