Every year 30 million people visit the Eiffel Tower, situated at the heart of Paris. Seven million choose to ascend the monument for soaring views over the city. One of the most iconic landmarks in the world, the site is a victim of its popularity. Fundamental issues like over-crowding, impaired accessibility, lack of services, and congested gardens have impacted the experience of the Eiffel Tower and its surroundings.

每年有 3000 万人参观位于巴黎市中心的埃菲尔铁塔。 700 万人选择登上纪念碑,欣赏这座城市的壮丽景色。作为世界上最具标志性的地标之一,该场地是其受欢迎程度的受害者。过度拥挤、无障碍、缺乏服务和拥挤的花园等基本问题影响了埃菲尔铁塔及其周边地区的体验。

获胜方案是 Gustafson Porter + Bowman 的 One 方案,设想了一个可读的景观,揭示了统一性、连续性和多样性。

OnE proposes a unifying axis: celebrating the Eiffel Tower at the centre of a line that connects the Place du Trocadéro, the Palais de Chaillot, the Pont d’Iéna, the Champ de Mars and the Ecole Militaire. Along this central green axis, a series of reimagined landscapes interlock: at the Place du Trocadéro, an amphitheatre of greenery restores space to pedestrians; a new and enlivened public space unfolds from the Varsovie Fountains towards the Pont d’Iéna; the bridge is reincarnated as a green promenade towards the gardens of the Eiffel Tower; the forecourt of the Eiffel Tower caters to the crowds with additional services and facilities discreetly hidden amongst the trees; and the raised lawns of the Champ de Mars protect and elevate the landscape.

OnE 提出了一个统一的轴心:在连接特罗卡德罗广场、夏乐宫、伊埃纳桥、战神广场和军事学院的线的中心庆祝埃菲尔铁塔。沿着这条中央绿轴,一系列重新构想的景观环环相扣:在特罗卡德罗广场,一座绿色圆形剧场为行人恢复了空间;一个新的、充满活力的公共空间从华沙喷泉向 Pont d’Iéna 展开;这座桥变成了通往埃菲尔铁塔花园的绿色长廊;埃菲尔铁塔的前院通过隐藏在树林中的额外服务和设施迎合了人群;战神广场高耸的草坪保护和提升了景观。

OnE also creates spaces of pleasure and contemplation that punctuate the length of the site, and serve to prioritise the human scale. New perspectives are framed and staged, rebalancing the gravitational pull of the Eiffel Tower and activating a sense of arrival throughout. The OnE proposal establishes a coherent and refined hierarchy of uses across the site, improving pedestrian accessibility and city circulation.

OnE 还创造了愉悦和沉思的空间,突出场地的长度,并优先考虑人的尺度。新的视角被构筑和上演,重新平衡了埃菲尔铁塔的引力,并在整个过程中激发了一种到达感。 One 提案在整个场地建立了一个连贯而精致的用途层次结构,改善了行人可达性和城市流通。

OnE thus evokes the union of two historic landscape typologies: classical French gardens, characterized by major axes that express power; and French picturesque gardens, as places of artistic experimentation. In this urban landscape, green routes and gardens reserved for creative pursuits frame and soften the central axis. These “corridors” and “glades” introduce biodiversity, as well as areas for hosting temporary events. such as musical performances and sculpture exhibitions. Thus, OnE compresses into one word the idea and ideal of a unified space.

因此,OnE 唤起了两种历史景观类型的结合:古典法式花园,以表达力量的主轴为特征;和法国风景如画的花园,作为艺术实验的地方。在这个城市景观中,为创造性追求保留的绿色路线和花园框架和软化了中轴线。这些“走廊”和“空地”引入了生物多样性,以及举办临时活动的区域。如音乐表演和雕塑展览。因此,OnE 将统一空间的思想和理想浓缩成一个词。

Lastly, OnE embodies the international character of the site; it connects not only the site from West (Trocadéro) to East (Joffre) – the Ouest-Est / OnE represents the interconnections on this site between the West and East of the world: one humanity, one planet. Therefore, OnE encapsulates a unified environmental approach towards the future. The City of Paris and the OnE proposal represent the vanguard of instituting environmental resilience into an urban context.

最后,OnE 体现了场地的国际性;它不仅连接了从西 (Trocadéro) 到东 (Joffre) 的场地——Ouest-Est / OneE 代表了这个场地上世界东西方之间的相互联系:人类,一个星球。因此,OnE 置入了面向未来的统一环境方法。巴黎市和 OnE 提案代表了将环境复原力纳入城市环境的先锋。

As part of the city’s showcase for the 2024 Olympic games, the first phase of the redevelopment is to be completed by 2023.

作为该市 2024 年奥运会展示的一部分,重建的第一阶段将于 2023 年完成。

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