UNStudio和Bauwerk为德国慕尼黑的Van B住宅创造了一个新的“模拟智能”城市生活概念。全新的住房形式重新设想了城市生活的未来,迎合了不断变化的人口结构和多个家庭。通过可调整的分区和插件家具系统,该项目允许轻松更改配置。”质量超过平方米”。

UNStudio and Bauwerk have created a new ‘analog smart’ urban living concept for the Van B residences in Munich, Germany. The completely new form of housing reimagines the future of city living, catering to changing demographics and multiple family constellations. Through adaptable partitions and a system of plugin furniture, the project allows an easy change of configuration. “Quality meters over square meters”.

新的Van B住宅项目位于慕尼黑未来创意区旁,是“现代城市住宅的原型”。包括高度灵活的公寓,室外和共享的公共空间和一个引人注目的façade,正在建设的住宅和办公开发项目提供了一种新的城市生活形式,具有多功能插件模块。关于这一点,UNStudio的创始人兼首席建筑师本•范•伯克尔(Ben van Berkel)表示,自从“我们家中的各个空间必须成为多功能空间,作为办公室、健身房、客厅和睡觉的角落,同时[……]我们需要开发新的生活概念,以满足我们家不断变化的需求。”

Located next to the future creative quarter in Munich, the new Van B residential project is a “prototype for modern city-dwelling”. Encompassing highly flexible apartments, outdoor and shared communal spaces and a striking façade, the under-construction residential and office development offers a new form of urban living, with multifunctional plugin modules. On that note, Ben van Berkel, founder and principal architect of UNStudio stated that ever since “individual spaces in our homes have had to become multi-functional, serving as offices, gyms, living rooms, and sleeping nooks, all at the same time[…] we need to develop new living concepts that cater to the changing demands of our homes.”

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