MAD-Designed Wormhole Library Tops Out

The Wormhole Library, designed by MAD Architects, has topped-out in the city of Haikou, China. The milestone was reached at the end of January 2021.

Overlooking the China South Sea, the Wormhole Library is situated within the Century Park along the Haikou Bay coastline. Upon completion it will serve as a multi-functional building, accommodating spaces for reading, and a public rest area for visitors.

The intimately scaled structure is cast of white concrete as a unit. The curved concrete walls not only serve as an organic architectural structure, but also connect the ceiling, ground, and walls together. Holes of varying sizes allow the architecture to breathe, while also letting natural light flood the interior. The grey spaces of the exterior corridors provide shaded spots for passers-by to stop and rest.

Within the library, people interact directly with both the sky and sea. Humans are no longer the dominant beings, and architecture is no longer the dominant vessel. The visitor experience is instead a “glimpse into the universe” – abstract but infinite.