Tadao Ando’s Meditation Space

Architectural photographer Simone Bossi has created a new image series exploring the curved concrete of a tiny building by Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

Bossi’s photographs feature the Meditation Space, a cylindrical concrete structure outside the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Completed in 1995, the building was commissioned to celebrate 50 years since the UNESCO constitution was brought into force, to offer peace and security to people from all nations.

Tadao Ando designed the Meditation Space in this spirit, as a place where anyone – no matter their race or religion – can pause for a moment of quiet reflection.

Bossi wanted to capture the solitary nature of the space. His photos show the structure bathed in a soft pink light, with other buildings around it, but no people to be found anywhere.

“The Meditation Space is an intense space of silence,” he told Dezeen. “There is something unclear and magic; it is a space full of emptiness.”

One thing the photographer hoped to convey in his shots was the change in mood, from being outside looking in, to entering the space.

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