Located in the docks area of Rotterdam, KPN Telecom’s building is visually striking for two main reasons: it is inclined, and its facade can be used as an electronic billboard for graphic projections.

The tower is composed of a central vertical core and two adjacent parts. The first one, 16 floors high, is oriented south.

The second, taller part, has a 5.9-degree inclination, which corresponds to the angle of the suspension cables of the nearby Erasmus bridge.

The facade of the inclined side of the tower, a curtain-wall of 3,600 sq m, functions as a monochromatic ‘electronic canvas’, projecting animations which can be seen as far as 2km away, thanks to its grid of 896 specially manufactured, 24-volt lights.

The lateral stability of the tower is ensured by a 45m-high, cigar-shaped steel prop that supports the building at the centre point of the screen facade.

来自(SEE MORE)Renzo Piano